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History of Old Frisco Trail


Deed granted to Lake Wister Association for the rail bed to be used as a trail system. This conveyance was made in accordance with the National Trails System Act and is subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement dated March 29th 1994 between The Kansas City Southern Company and the Rails to Trails Conservancy.

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Plans for the construction of Frisco Trail were published in the Poteau Daily News and Sun.

Runners in Poteau started using the trail system.

Members of the community got together to clean up the trail and mow the tall grass to make the trail nicer for those that use it to exercise.

Large rocks were added as mile markers and boulders were placed in front of the trails heads to try and prevent cars from dumping trash and motorized vehicles from driving on trail.

The 'Brave The Mud Run' was held for the first time in Poteau, OK!


A grant was written in hopes to improve Old Frisco Trail from the recreational trails program state sponsor $200,000.

2018 - 2020

Using the grant money, the Wister Lake Trail Association was able to improve the trail by building more bridges, filling potholes, and resurfacing the trail.

They also added benches, light poles, water fountains, and bike repair stations.

2020 - 2021

Motorized vehicles accessing and driving on trail, signs are vandalized, bridge is burned, easement on sides of the trail are mowed down to allow unauthorized vehicles to access the trail. 


Build Arboretum and fence at mile 3 rock to serve as an outdoor classroom for Ag classes (so they could use to identify trees and wildlife), be a weather block for runners, and help prevent unauthorized motorized vehicle use on the trail.

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