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“Of all the paths you take in life make sure some of them are dirt.” John Muir 

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Old Frisco Trail is a retired railroad path that was gifted to the Lake Wister Association in 1995 and is now used as a recreational trail that runs 6.5 mi in length from Wister to Poteau. The trail is a favorite for walking, biking, and running among locals and visitors because of its beautiful greenery and colorfully painted bridges!

Regenerative Forest Project

Old Frisco Trail has partnered with the Oklahoma Forestry Service to plant 9,500 trees along the middle of the trail in various bare areas. We are very excited about how this project will positively impact you, the community, and the entire world!

This project will make the trail more enjoyable for those who use the trail for running, biking and horseback riding by providing shade during the warmer months and protection from the cold wind during cold months. It will also increase the concentration of oxygen in the air, making breathing easier for those who enjoy strenuous activity on the trail. Additionally, these trees will provide new shelter for many of the critters that call our community home, including endangered species like the American Burying Beetle and the Bald Eagle!

A single tree can absorb 48 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air in a single year. Once matured, our new forest will be able to draw down 228 tons of CO2 per year!! This will help offset the impact of climate change because as trees grow, they absorb and store the carbon dioxide emissions that are driving global heating. We also hope to share the news about our new forest in hopes that we can help inspire others to get involved pursue more reforestation projects!

We hope you are as excited for our new forest as we are and that you will help us and the Oklahoma Forestry Service keep the seedlings safe as they mature over the next few years. Please reach out if you have any concerns so we can address them directly and work towards community improvement together!


The trail features lots of trees along most of the trail that provide great shade from the sun in the summer and helps block the chilly wind in the winter.


There are lights along the first half-mile of the Poteau trail start. There is also water fountains, benches, and a bike repair station on the Poteau side of the trail.


The truly adventurous can enjoy off-road mountain bike trails along the sides of the main trail. 

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Trail Events

Running events are often hosted at Old Frisco Trail, such as the annual 'Brave The Mud Run' that passes through the trail! If you are interested in hosting your event at the trail, contact us! There is a form on the contact page specifically for those wanting to use Old Frisco Trail for their next event.

The Poteau Chamber of Commerce uses the trail to host running events as well. Popular events include the annual 5k Glow Run and Half Marrathon/15k held in mid-September. Click the sign up button below to learn more about upcoming events.

Be Courteous

Everyone is welcome to enjoy Old Frisco Trail, however we do ask that you respect our policies and rules regarding the use of the trail.


Please pick up after yourself and your dog to preserve the environment and cleanliness of the trail so that those after you can enjoy it too.

Motorized vehicles of any kind are not permitted on the trail. Such vehicles present a danger to other users of the trail and can damage the trail. In addition, the trail is not designed to accommodate motorized vehicles and may result in injury to the operators or passengers of such vehicles.

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